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Magenta Hues

Wishing you lots of magenta hues with checkered pattern.

Color: Red.

Size: 40 X 180cm.

Material : Cotton.

Minimalist Cotton Scarf

Simple yet classy cotton scarf weaved exclusively for you.

Color: Multi.

Size: 50 X 180 cm.

Material: Cotton.

Stripes & Anchors

Stripe it up with red and white and anchor it up classy navy with exclusive scarf.

Color: Red-Navy.

Size: 100 X 180 cm.

Material : Viscose.

Summer Polka

Don the summer polka shade of soft yellow, pink and purple scarf.

Tropical Print

Top up your look with the classy black and fun textured prints with strokes of white and red. Wrap it around your neck or let it flow over your shoulder, explore your spunk.

Color: Multi-Black.

Size: 70 X 180 cm.

Material: Polyester.